Sharing Sicilian Ricotta Cannoli with Inspirational Women

Today is the launch of my first blog post – thank you for stopping by.

It also just happens to be my birthday this week – which I love to celebrate every year. Having a birthday party sounds rather ‘over the top’ for this ‘40 something year old’ and as I sent out the invites for morning tea I was asked from one person who hadn’t received an invite before…‘Is this a special milestone birthday?’…To which I confidently replied… ‘Oh no – just another year to celebrate!’.

Every year for my birthday, I cook for a group of inspiring women and invite them to sit around my outdoor table on a perfect Autumn day to eat beautifully prepared food and drink champagne. This just brings me pure joy. It is the ‘gift’ that I like to give to my soul to say thank you for ‘another year down’ and ‘another year to pursue in gusto!’. It is also an opportunity to celebrate and thank some of the amazing women who are in my life.


For me, the only way to express this is by making my home-made Sicilian Ricotta Cannoli. This decadent yet light dessert has a crisp outer shell exuding the scent of marsala wine, chocolate and orange. As you bite into it, you taste a smooth and creamy sweet ricotta that has a hint of pistachio, cinnamon and vanilla. A truly divine moment!


Cannoli is the island’s most famous and delicious traditional desserts that originated from Palermo during the time it was controlled by the Arabs. It was historically prepared as a treat through the Carnevale season and lovingly prepared and filled by Sicilian women just before serving so the shells stay crisp.

Ricotta cannoli is a true representation of my Sicilian heritage, festive occasions, and the celebration of inspirational women gathering to cook and talk around a shared table.

My favourite places for exceptional Sicilian Cannoli in Melbourne are Cafe Siciliadolce, T Cavallaro and Sons and Rosa’s Canteen.

It was an incredible day and another year to be remembered.

How are you planning to celebrate your birthday?

Until next time.


24 thoughts on “Sharing Sicilian Ricotta Cannoli with Inspirational Women

    1. Thank you so much Silvia. I have found that the most beautiful things in life are simple and normally don’t cost so much but make one life rich . They are people who love you, people you can trust and a good coffee, and a walk on the beach . If you have all of these I regard our lives as rich


  1. How will I celebrate my next birthday?….I sort of let my birthday sneak past each year, but your blog has inspired me to think about how to celebrate…cannoli’s may feature !


  2. What a great idea Silvia! I wish I were living closer to you to be able to share your delicious meals in good company! Now I can do this with your blog.

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  3. Well done to you Silvia on your new blog.
    Every birthday we have is a blessing and should be celebrated as many would love chance to turn another year older. Tonight I shall be dreaming of your Canoli !

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