The early morning walk on the beach.

CD4093CF-A671-4119-8808-EC0CB70F767FI arrive once again to my happy place. A place that I call my own. Up very early. Drive down. Park the car and walk slowly out. All by myself. With no one in toe. Just me. And that’s the way I like it.

I walk down the pathway.

Ah, here you are again! Good morning to you. Take a big deep breath. Open my arms up wide and be in the moment.

The sun rays are peering down. The water is a little still and gently pottering away. No splashing. Just a little swaying back and forth. They don’t have to work too hard today. EA10CB0C-9ED4-44DF-9704-1F9BC386EFD0The beach boxes are glistening in all their glory. Each facade sharing a story of the family that behold them. Bold bright colours. Something resembling a little history, a point, a passion, a favourite colour perhaps? No one is here yet. So there is no one to ask. FCF6AA3A-11DC-467C-B69A-7C65E28A91B0As I walk, there is life! Those up early like me. Braving the cold sharp waters to swim, move their body and feel refreshed and incredibly alive. I really do wonder how they jump in sometimes? It would have to feel very good. 6F333FD9-F4EB-4D9D-959E-63894D6C1A8BThe shore line is clean today. It always is at this time in the morning. Lovely to walk on. The green sea weed is glistening in the sun. A life form so precious to our eco system. 7F3E8B0C-194D-4A39-B46E-A10C4E4D6844  The city sky line is a perfect back drop to be met by a lovely lady walking her dog. Her bright orange hair gently nestled in on each shoulder. Stick in one hand. Ball in the other. “Good morning” she says to me. “What a stunning morning” I say to her. We smile and keep going. Continuing to want our solitude.EF36567B-D268-4BF7-A639-A2C4AC8F9363Next stop. The pier. It looks empty. But no. It was alive many hours ago. About 4am to be exact. F1ECA8C1-19A9-47DE-9499-96451B7B78E2Fisherman arriving early to try their luck at a good catch.

‘Have you had any luck today?’ I ask. ‘No, not yet – and I have been here since 4am’ he replies.

It is now 7am. 384E420E-6EAE-47B4-A454-B7ED7F28BEA1Those brave swimmers are here too. They swim in a pack. A little community. Safety. Companionship. Support. Exercise. I still don’t know how they jump in. It must feel good. 12281A46-2F0A-4750-9835-0C3BB0593F14Their bright coloured bathers and swimming caps are a sight to behold. Each, I suspect, resembling a little part of their personality. Just like those beach boxes. A640593E-7EB2-4AC1-B03E-0A0C85352121The boats are lined up like soldiers. No one is allowed to move unless their captain arrives. One must be very patient.5D840530-4740-47B5-AE79-C6C5000A5D13Back on the beach path now. Runners, cyclists, walkers. It must feel good. A2859E38-84E2-4A3E-AA3E-4E64413DBF38Houses. Prime position. The ultimate view. I wonder if they are awake yet? Or lying in bed? Reading a book perhaps? Having a cup of coffee? Or just pottering around. A4D7262C-C55D-49FD-BCC1-F087D1DD0045And the first signs of spring lining the pathway. It is looking at me. ‘Good morning’ I say. 2F8D843D-2D02-493A-AAAA-9D242F63748CIt is time to go home now.

I feel happy. I feel rested. My body feels warm. And, my mind is at peace.

Until next time.




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