Receiving three kisses to allow my new story to unfold

In my house, I am always the first to wake. At 5:30am my eyes naturally open. I lay on my pillow for a while and touch my husband’s back gently, making me feel warm and safe.

I get up and plant my feet firmly on the ground, stretch my body just a little and rise. I dress slowly and effortlessly and with my warm bare feet I quietly tip toe down our short corridor.

I need to be very quiet because our house is small. It is a little timber cottage.  Our bedrooms are all close by and our floors are a little creaky too – so it is sometimes tricky to stay quiet. But, I like it that way. I like living in a small little cottage.

I am not shy to say that it has always been a dream of mine to live in a cosy little timber cottage. I am now living that dream. And, it feels just right.

Embrace your individuality. Love what you love without worrying about judgement.

I also like being close by to my children. I want to hear them if something is wrong. I want to see them curled up safely in their bedrooms reading books or playing lego. And I want to hear them breathing.

During the night, if they have a bad dream, I am there within seconds – ready to give them the safety and comfort that they need in that moment. Stroking their forehead to sooth or jumping right into bed with them to let them know that they are safe and all is well. It makes me feel safe and well too.

As I quietly walk down this small corridor, I tentatively shut the doors to the children’s rooms in the hope that they don’t hear me. I switch the light on in the kitchen and put on a little espresso coffee using my Bialetti Moka on my tiny little stovetop. I patiently wait for it to bubble up. The smell is divine and the daily ritual comforting.

I fill up my little cup with that hot coffee, add a dash of milk and hold it gently with both hands as I quietly tip toe over to my special desk in the front of our little cottage to write in my gratitude journal in complete solitude.

As I open up the pages, I start writing down what I am grateful for – just whatever comes to mind – letting it flow easily and freely. I start with three sentences and then decide if I should continue on. It is amazing what can fill those pages when you really think about all the little things that happen in your life. Once I’m done, my heart feels full.

Even if you seem to look poor in the eyes of the world – the abundance is always there around you – you need to recognise it and acknowledge it.

As I quietly sip on my coffee, I can hear the birds gently waking up with their quiet chirping, I sometimes hear the trees swaying in the wind and if I’m lucky a little bit of rain touching our tin roof. Such splendid sounds. And then, quite miraculously, as I peer out the window, darkness is turning into light. Ever so slowly, but surely.

As the time passes, I hear movement in the house. One by one they wake. My precious beautiful family.

I can hear the footsteps of the first one as she opens her bedroom door. It’s my daughter. She pops over with her scruffy hair and crumpled pyjamas. She comes to embrace me and kisses me on my cheek. She nestles her face into my neck whilst checking to see if there is any coffee left in my cup (there never is) and gently breathes on my neck. I wrap my arms around her body. She is warm. Warmer than me. The embrace will last quite a while until she chooses to step away.

I can hear the footsteps of the second one as he opens his bedroom door. It’s my son. He pops over and says ‘good morning mum’ – grabs my body and wraps his arms around me whilst tightly planting a beautiful warm kiss on my lips. The hug is not as long as my daughters – but just enough for me to smell his body and warmth. It is enough.

The last one rises. My husband. The bedroom door opens and over he comes planting a kiss on my forehead whilst touching my shoulders and then slowly wonders away.  There are no words, just touch and a silent comforting hello.

I know now that money can not buy me love and happiness. Those little things that do not cost any money make me feel rich and full inside.

Starting to pay attention to the things that you are most grateful for and acknowledging all that is good in your life is the foundation of all abundance. If you look at what you have in your life, you will always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in your life, you will never have enough.

Fostering an abundant mindset allows you to…

Live a full life.

Be resilient during times of adversity.

Give and receive love freely.

Feel secure and confident within.

Grab opportunities that come your way.

Bringing abundance into your life is about creating the life that you really want and taking bold steps to achieve it.

My three daily kisses is all that I need to start my day now. It is my foundation.

Now it is my time to just let go, forgive the past and move forward. To let it flow. Trust it. Be present.

And allow my new story to unfold.

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