About Me


Welcome to my blog where I will be sharing everyday inspiration around food, interesting people, business and “life on sabbatical”.

I just love bringing people together around a table to eat beautiful food and connect in a
meaningful way. I am very passionate about helping people reach their potential. I have a fascination with the business world and how organisations will prosper in the future.

Life, experience and love

I like to travel the world to open my eyes to new experiences and memories that material possessions just can’t provide. I aim to read one book a week to expand my knowledge and provoke insightful introspection. Cycling, hiking and gardening keeps me fit and vibrant. I am a loving life partner and mother to my adoring husband Matthew and two beautiful children Chloe and Thomas – the greatest joys of my life.

The gift of a sabbatical

After working wholeheartedly for over 20 years in both the corporate arena and as an entrepreneur, I decided to give myself the gift of a sabbatical to allow some time to reflect on these achievements, work through my professional and personal priorities and enjoy life to its absolute fullest with freedom and no boundaries on my time. At the end of this sabbatical I will have a renewed sense of clarity, energy and purpose which will guide me forward to my next endeavours.

Join me at my table

In a way, writing this blog is like sharing my table with you. Let’s eat, connect through our stories, and reach our potential in life together.

Thank you for stopping by.

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